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Contract management for sales processes

Our contract management tool robotron*econtract has been developed in order to support sales organizations beginning from business or private customer’s enquiries to the conclusion of contracts. With it, the integration of different software solutions is supported in view of reference and master data. Thus, for example, the robotron*esales procedure for quotation can be directly called using the data of robotron*econtract.

In this way, the achieved streamlining of procedures and the reduction of their execution times enable a further optimization of the entire sales process.

The complete integration of the tool robotron*econtract into the sales EDM system robotron*esales allows the user to get into contract management from each position in the quotation process. In contract management, reference and master data can be centrally updated. Thus, a data deviation can be excluded despite the linking of different systems.

All process steps are supported, beginning from business customer’s enquiries to the conclusion of contracts. Follow-up offers can be created; follow-up contracts can be concluded and updated. In addition, change processes and contract terminations can be prepared and changes in master data can be monitored.

The product robotron*econtract offers a wide variety of functions around a sales organization:

  • Master data import
  • Consumption point import by means of CSV file and its allocation to sales projects
  • Master Data updates for customers, projects and consumption points in the context of a quotation procedure with the tool robotron*esales
  • Creation of follow-up offers, conclusion and update of follow-up contracts
  • Standard import API for the entire contract management
  • Workflow-based import interface
  • Integration of an ene’t database
  • Extensive update and configuration of the type and extent of reference data
  • Customer- and project-specific evaluation of key performance indicators
  • Project journal
  • Intuitive overview on tasks, ongoing bids, different views on supplies, terminations, etc.

Staff management

Different responsibilities and fields determine perspective and depth during the handling of customer data. In this connection, our customers are supported in detailed staff management. It includes an extensive granting of privileges for mass data evaluation and assignability to groups as well as the storing of substitution scenarios.

Back office support

In order to ease the user’s view on workflows such as moving in and out as well as moves or relocations respectively, a wizard-aided process representation is integrated. The adaption of master data has become easier by the automation of changes of grid operators, balancing areas, and balancing groups.

A document generator is available for the draw-up of welcome letters, bidding document templates, and terms of tariffs. Furthermore, there will be an integrated campaign management for the draw-up of circulars, personalized letters, etc. to tariff customers. Moreover, an extension of the project journal is planned as logging tool in order to process all customer contacts faster and more effectively as well as to become able to evaluate predefined actions better.

Our contract management tool robotron*econtract with its functions supports quotation procedures integrated in our EDM system for the procurement and sales tool robotron*esales. Contract management especially supports calculations in case of new customers.



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