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Cross-company reports become more and more important these days. Consequently, our tool robotron*eDWH provides suitable evaluation procedures based on Business Intelligence (BI). These procedures complement our report options which have been integrated within our EDM system for years.

robotron*eDWH is able to bundle information from EDM system and external contents. It provides detailed evaluation procedures reaching beyond reporting on the basis of the relational model.

In order to meet multi-layered customer requirements in the field of cross-company analyses, we also provide tools for the cross-system reporting of different performance indicators. By providing the EDM database in an analytical format, robotron*eDWH can be used as a central evaluation platform by other systems. Thus, business warehouse applications such as SAP BW can be linked. Company-relevant data, e.g. in the scope of risk management, can be edited and evaluated.

The database of the robotron*eDWH system can be also used and evaluated directly in operational reporting by Business Intelligence solutions such as Oracle BI Suite.

Grid operations

robotron*eDWH supplies the user with a variety of views on provided data. Thus, the following analysis functions are supported:

  • Master data evaluation – analysis of master data changes of the EDM system in determined time periods (e.g. change of MP characteristics, contracts, etc.)
  • Consumption data evaluation – detailed provision of consumption data in freely definable time periods
  • Process monitoring – provision of performance indicators for different EDM processes and EDM jobs (e.g. runtimes, system utilization, etc.)
  • Analysis of message traffic – historicized overview of email subscription dispatch (e.g. what, when, who, whom, success/ exception)
  • Market balancing – evaluation of electricity and gas down to meter point level in different aggregation stages


robotron*eDWH supports a strategic reporting by conceptual implementation of a Data Warehouse (DWH) by means of an aggregated architecture. Supporting functions include:

  • Sales controlling based on DWH
  • Bottom-up calculation
  • Contribution margin analysis
  • Contract and quantity reports
  • Creation of own evaluation applications based on Oracle-BI-Tools

Data of the robotron*eDWH system are provided in a repository in a universally applicable table format adapting the format of star schemes. With that, the customer is given access to data by means of arbitrary BI reporting tools. They are also able to create evaluations with the highest possible degree of freedom.

With our solutions, we offer our customers two different types of realization:

  • Creation of a repository suitable for Data Warehouse systems on the basis of which evaluations can be created by oneself, for example, by using Oracle BI tools or SAP BW
  • According to customer’s demands, we develop a made-to-measure Data Warehouse application using Oracle BI tools on the basis of the offered repository creation mentioned above

Besides the mentioned above options, robotron*eDWH provides customers using robotron*ecount and robotron*esales with an extensive and intuitive monitoring of master data and EDM processes.


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