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Energy Data Management for Grid Operators

robotron*ecount is one of the main components of the Robotron Energy Market Suite designed for all purposes. It completely covers all functional demands of grid operators from Advanced Meter Reading to billing configuration.

Our modular-designed system represents an integrated landscape and covers all relevant market processes. It reflects legal requirements, detailed customer’s demands, and our experience of a vast number of projects.

Comprehensive automation is the key to successful optimization of processes in mass customer businesses. Thus, the communication with market partners can be managed within the deadline conformities. With the help of a communication server for automated import and export of messages, all currently required formats are supported for communication with all authorized market participants.

We provide further functions which can be separately licensed and used as modules: flexible and automated plausibility checks, manual and automatic substitute value generation according to all required methods, and a polished balancing module for the fulfillment of all Federal Network Agency’s requirements according to MaBiS. All changes of contents in the system are recorded in an audit-proof manner. This covers all processes.

All these functional modules are based on a central EDM kernel. It forms the functional and mainly interface-free basis not only of robotron*ecount. Further products of Robotron Energy Market Suite are based on that EDM kernel, too. These are robotron*ecollect belonging to Advanced Meter Reading and robotron*esmart included in Smart Metering as well as robotron*esales belonging to EDM for marketing and procurement under consideration of regulatory bundling.

robotron*ecount serves as central data hub. Load curve data and meter states of different media types and periods are imported and checked for plausibility. Furthermore, it serves for the creation of substitute values if the occasion arises. Data is made available to respective processes (balancing, etc.) or to authorized market participants.

Further functions include the forecast of future consumptions, the balancing of consumption data and the balancing of excess/shortfall quantities and the realization of exchange processes. All moduls obey the legal guidelines GPKE, GeLi Gas, GABi Gas, BABiS, etc. Our products have been permanently extended and adjusted to current market requirements along with their legal frameworks in order to give the customer an always up-to-date and efficient tool to cope with their processes.

The differences between us and competitors become apparent by evaluation of the following topics:

  • Efficient and scalable handling of large data sets
  • Management of grid structures and transfer points for electricity and gas
  • Calculation of grid utilization fees
  • Register of guarantees of origin
  • Highly efficient data supply for other market participants (market communication)
  • Integrated and interface-free advanced meter reading by means of robotron*ecollect
  • Change process management for electricity and gas (GPKE, GeLi Gas, WiM) by means of robotron*WPM
  • Support of all current market-relevant EDIFACT formats
  • 1:1 market communication
  • Digital signature and encoding
  • AS2 communication

Basic system for different media

robotron*ecount can be used cross-media. Numerous customers, mainly in the industrial environment (e.g. object grid operators), operate the system for the management of 20 and more different media at the same time.

A lot of gas grid operators also use robotron*ecount. The basic system and all specialist modules are equipped according to the requirements of gas market. This contains the representation of calorific value area, climatic zones, geographical elevations for the calculation of thermal energy from operating/ standard volume and forecast, for example. A user-friendly wizard supports the updating of gas metering points including automatic conversions. The calculation of gas standard load curve profiles is enabled by flexible formulas (e.g. Sigmoid).

Permanent market conformity without additional cost

Requirements on EDM systems have become more and more complex in recent years. robotron*ecount is a EDM system proven by market. It has the function of a highly-available data hub for the majority of our customers.

robotron*ecount fulfills the requirements on high availability thanks to certain hardware and software modules. This also corresponds to Robotron’s philosophy of software maintenance. Several service levels are available for this purpose. There is also an opportunity to agree in detail some special stand-by levels for both Robotron energy market products and Oracle products on which Robotron’s products are based.

Customers with service contracts are provided with all advancements of already licensed modules as, for instance, in the case of changed market guidelines and formats in addition to general standard services.

See support pages for more information.

System architecture EDM for network operators


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Energy Data Management for Grid Operation

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