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Sales and Procurement Software for Utilities

Our EDM system robotron*ecount covers all grid operator’s demands. By analogy, robotron*esales provides all-embracing functionalities that are well coordinated with the requirements of sales and procurement. robotron*esales contains a lot of further functions for energy commerce in the liberalized market besides numerous functionalities for forecasts. Those can be, for instance, an extensive portfolio management for sales and procurement as well as an efficient calculation of quotations.

The successful optimization of the value-added chain requires the consideration of energy sales and procurement for every single business customer. It also demands the improvement of processes in mass customer business. The following aspects are important for the offer period: qualified forecast, evaluation of the predicted load curve along with optimal procurement products according to customer’s consumption behavior.

It is the interest of each energy supplier to take these aspects into account regarding its entire value-added chain.

robotron*esales enables the functional representation of sales’ requirements. It comes up with a very detailed calculation of quotations based on a high-quality consumption forecast using different methods. It also offers an integrated portfolio and risk management. As a result, it provides the basis for an optimized procurement.

The product robotron*esales meets convincingly the central challenges of a modern sales organization. All robotron*esales modules share a common data model without any interfaces. Thus, all database-based sales modules run like clockwork. These include:

  • Sales forecast
  • Representation of flexible sales products
  • Offer calculation
  • Contribution margin calculation
  • Sales controlling
  • Tariff and sales planning
  • Sales balancing
  • Accounting control
  • Billing configuration
  • Change of supplier

On this basis, procurement modules of robotron*esales interact perfectly with each other. So, entire sales and procurement processes are optimally implemented. They are integrated in a central surface using a common database. This becomes also visible in the following functions:

  • Portfolio management
  • Procurement optimization
  • Risk management
  • Commercial transactions
  • HFC/PFC Builder
  • Spot market trading
  • Schedule management

Sales and procurement modules are supported by components of the Robotron Energy Market Suite such as our contract management system robotron*econtract and our forecast solution robotron*epredict.

The communication automation of robotron*esales as a component of the EDM kernel reduces the daily workload significantly concerning the data exchange with other market participants. With the help of the Robotron communication module, complex online communication can be efficiently realized. This has to be also seen in the context of sales balancing in accordance with MaBiS and in the field of Smart Metering.

robotron*esales supports all standard processes in all installations such as billing configuration regardless of the employed billing system.

As a central data hub, the software solution always communicates intensively with our customer’s legacy system. Technology and methods of this integration follow the IT strategy guidelines laid down by customers. The objective is always the job-controlled and automatic execution of all relevant processes.

Robotron’s communication specialists have at their disposal sound knowledge in the field of connecting different extraneous systems (billing, CRM, trading systems, etc.). The experience of bidirectional exchange of master data and billing-relevant metering data, mainly with the SAP module IS-U, is exceptionally extended.

Naturally, our robotron*esales system is always in compliance with the market by analogy with robotron*ecount.