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Custom-made EDM services

Legal frameworks, process regulations and formats for processes in the energy market are undergoing continuous change. With the help of our system robotron*WPM, our customers are able to fulfill the high requirements that change processes demand on the company’s master data-containing systems. The fulfillment is bound to be realized in compliance with the market and in time. In doing so, necessary change processes are executed in a workflow-controlled and automated way. Only such activities that cause trouble are put to manual handling.

Meanwhile, cost-saving is no longer seen as the only reason for handing over IT services to third parties. Strategic or operational considerations have an impact as well. For instance, improvements in safety mechanisms, minimization of risks and optimization of complex processes play a more and more essential role.

Our tool robotron*eservices appeals both energy suppliers and companies in economy and industry which want to use the functions of the EDM systems robotron*ecount or robotron*esales as service without having to purchase a license directly. Even the hosting of own systems within the Robotron network is ensured in the scope of robotron*eservices.

Our service concept is a modular one. So it can be easily adapted to a customer-specific situation. This does not depend on whether the customer’s EDM specialists want to use our systems via an application service providing solution (ASP solution) or whether we carry out the EDM system’s tasks for the customer.

In compliance with the customer’s requirements, solutions out of the following areas (extract) are provided:

General requirements

  • Advanced Meter Reading/Smart Metering
  • Time series processing and management
  • Master data and contract data management
  • Change process management (all roles)
  • Balancing group management (MaBiS, GABi gas)
  • Evaluations and analyses (reports and diagrams)
  • Load and grid prognoses
  • Automated market communication
  • Digital signature and encryption


  • Portfolio management
  • Procurement optimization
  • Risk management
  • Schedule management


  • Quotation
  • Sales balancing
  • Sales controlling
  • Bottom-up forecast
  • Billing configuration
  • Auditing of accounts

Applicable characteristic values of robotron*eservices are:

Application service providing

Customers use a system inclusive of Robotron’s infrastructure provided and managed by Robotron.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Robotron as an IT servicer provides the customer with the EDM system, a database and IT infrastructure including all administrative tasks in a computer center as a customer service.


The customer’s EDM system runs in Robotron’s computer center. It is maintained and run by Robotron including the belonging to it database.

Full service operation

Robotron takes care of complex parts or the complete set of tasks of Energy Data Management. The customer gets desired results (load curves, schedules, forecasts, billing configuration, evaluations, etc.) or the realized assignments respectively.



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