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Efficient recording, evaluation and management of incidents

robotron*SEA is a cross-divisional and cross-media tool for recording, processing and evaluation of various incident types (e.g. disturbances with or without interruption to supply). Therefore, it is the basis of a various number of technical and economic decisions in a company.

All incidents in the grid operator’s environment can be recorded with the program robotron*SEA. Such incidents can be disturbances, planned interruptions to supply, damages without disturbance or pieces of information from employees of a grid control center.

These incidents can be assigned to the main divisions electricity high-medium voltage and low voltage, gas, water, sewage and direct heating as well as divisions to be defined independently such as grid control technology or urban lighting.

In addition, the tool robotron*SEA provides different evaluation options of recorded incidents with regard to the summary and fitting into a status group within a division. It also offers evaluations of supply quality with regard to supply area, customer, stations or performance method.

Overview of the functions of our robotron*SEA tool:

  • Documentation of incidents
    • Data of detection units and damage locations
    • Representation of information forwarding to third parties
    • Documentation of division-specific technical details
    • Display of the processing history
    • Recording of pictures and documents
  • Evaluation of incidents
  • Management of reference data (according to own specifications and to such of associations)
  • System administration
  • Creation of statistics of associations and the Federal Network Agency
    • Disturbance and availability statistics for FNN
    • Damage and accident statistics gas for DVGW
    • Damage statistics water for DVGW
    • KMR damage statistics for AGFW
    • Pipe grid data statistics of AGFW
    • Interfaces within the data processing-technical environment of a company (including GIS, SAP and linking to an operating resources database)

Besides management and analysis software, there is a variety of further products and components available within our Robotron Energy Market Suite for processing grid-specific processes suitable for grid operator’s environments. The EDM system for grid operation robotron*ecount is our main product.


The system can be specially adapted to your requirements. Thus, individual options of administration are offered, for instance, for the following fields:

  • Representation of company structures
  • Status definition
  • Report maintenance
  • Representation of employees in the system
  • Definition of text components and names
  • Definition of divisions
  • Configuration of the tool robotron*SEA by means of parameters


The user gets support for the drawing-up of statistics of the most important associations. The FNN-compliant recording of electricity events is supported by the integration of the FNN test program in robotron*SEA. With the recording of additional data, the user can generate the data of electricity and gas divisions for the Federal Network Agency. The supply interruption data for the division gas are also provided automatically.

System interfaces

So that robotron*SEA can operate successfully, it is integrated into the company’s IT environment via interfaces. This is ensured, for example, by interfaces to operating resources databases/ grid information systems, geographical information systems, process control systems/ voice outputs and SAP.

System requirements

Client: A browser such as Microsoft Internet Browser from 6.0 upwards or Firefox from 3.6 upwards Server: Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g with Oracle ADF, version RDBMS Oracle from version upwards tages.



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