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Forecasting Solution for Utilities

With its product robotron*epredict, Robotron is supposed to provide a unique tool for forecast purposes. It sets new standards by its flexibility in use, intuitive handling, high performance and reliable forecast results.

With the tool robotron*epredict, the forecast of time series data is realized easily, clearly arranged and in an effective way. Intuitive handling makes it easy for users to become familiar with the program. The unrestricted assignment of time series of further independent predictor variables (factors) such as public holidays, school vacation, shift plans, opening hours, etc. ensures a high precision in model building and forecast in parallel to mathematically motivated factors. These time series can be created and managed within reference data.

In addition to the system’s forecast functions, it provides different graphical analysis tools which are perfectly suitable to optimize forecast results. Thus, for example, the system also contains a watch list and a correlation analysis for checking over the forecast. Another component of the visualization tools is a very extensive analysis of past load curves including statistical functions and a comparison of different time periods.

Besides an integrated variation, the modern architecture of the tool robotron*epredict also provides a stand-alone variation that can be independently operated by other systems. Because of its independency, the stand-alone variation as prediction tool is applicable for a far greater target audience. Thus, the robotron*epredict tool can be executed fully automated by the forecast engine in our EDM systems for grid operation robotron*ecount and procurement/ sales robotron*esales. It can also be operated as a local installation without an EDM system. With it, besides optional linking to a database, the user can analyze and forecast data in a flexible way independent from location.

A complete variety of functions is at the user’s disposal for the processing of data for forecast purposes beginning from data import to the creation of a model and following optimization.

The core functionalities are listed below:

  • Time-controlled forecast using mathematical methods (non-linear regression, KNN)
  • Long-term forecasts by means of the comparative day method or vacation-compliant copying
  • Analysis of forecast results by means of a watch list and correlation or comparison with past time periods respectively
  • Graphical analysis of time series by means of different visualization tools
  • Import and export of time series of different file formats as well as linking to a database or via Web-services respectively
  • User support by means of helper videos
  • Multi-lingual support for menus and number formats
  • Time-control of the import and export of time series and the execution of forecast procedures

The extension of our forecast solution tool robotron*epredict by the functionalities of our products for load curve analysis and visualization robotron*eprofiler enables an even more extensive use in stand-alone operations.

Technical background

The computing kernels and profile libraries developed by Robotron’s forecast specialists are the heart of the tool robotron*epredict. In order to meet our customers’ various requirements for the determination of prediction results at a maximum, various mathematical methods are available (non-linear regression, KNN). In addition, linear regression or the ARIMA methods respectively is used for further optimization during model creation and post-processing phases.

The tool robotron*epredict is a JAVA application that has been developed on the basis of our load curve analysis tool robotron*eprofiler. Administrative basic functions such as import and export as well as job control were taken over. The user interface, too, was adapted to the intuitive handling of the tool robotron*eprofiler. Therefore, it allows you to operate both programs either individually or as an integrated solution under a single user interface.

The operation concept and layout are orientated towards Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 respectively in order to make it easy for the user to get in and to operate effectively by using the well-known environment. For this purpose, extensive options for operating by means of ‘drag and drop’ have been implemented.


Currently, robotron*epredict is provided with German, English, French, Russian and Turkish languages as well as various country-specific configurations for number formats.


The fairly simple and intuitive handling is supported by a various number of videos for different topics.

We gladly provide you with a timely limited test license. In order to give you a better overview of the robotron*epredict tool’s comprehensive functionalities, this license contains all available program modules at present.


Here you find the current test version.

After registration, we get in touch with you and send the necessary license file to you.

System requirements

For the use of the tool robotron*epredict you need:

  • Java version 1.6 (contained in download files)
  • Internet access for activating
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 (from 1280 x 1024 upwards is recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/10

For calling the tool robotron*epredict out of the robotron*ecount/robotron*esales tool, our EDM system version from 4.4.1608 upwards is necessary. The linking to the robotron*ecount/robotron*esales tool normally requires further customer- and project-specific setup steps. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your customer service officer in our company.

Installation hints

Please unzip the zip file after download.

Store the license file in your root directory and start the EXE file.


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Forecasting Solution for Utilities

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