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Clearly represented load profile analyzation and visualization

robotron*eprofiler is a comprehensive and comfortably operable tool for the visualization and analysis of load curves for various fields of operations. Under its user interface, the system robotron*eprofiler unites varied graphical analysis tools, practical computational and editorial functions as well as extensive reporting and monitoring options implemented in an innovative manner.

The great diversity of representation options for any kind of any time series (e.g. consumption quantities, weather data, price curves) makes the use of the product in many fields possible.

Sales can, for instance, draw up customer-specific, detailed on-the-spot reports by means of the evaluation of consumptions. The back office is provided with comprehensive functions for rollout and editing of time series. Forecast specialists can draw up extensive load curve analyses using the tool robotron*eprofiler or optimize and adapt forecast results, for instance, out of robotron*epredict as well.

Furthermore, the customer can use the tool robotron*eprofiler for the analysis of their consumptions and with it increase their energy efficiency in the scope of their energy management. End consumers or major customers as well can be job-controlled informed about their consumptions by means of extensively configurable reports. Automated monitoring allows fast interventions in case of the overrun of threshold values, disruptions, implausible values, etc.

The tool robotron*eprofiler includes the following functions:

  • Reference data management (public holidays, vacation, tariffs, shifts, etc.)
  • Time series data management/visualization
  • Spectral analysis
  • 'Wallpaper' (visualization of time series regarding their average values or a reference)
  • Continuing load curve
  • Comparison of weekdays and day types
  • Daily profile analysis
  • Frequency distribution
  • Performance indicators
  • Computing/Editing of time series
  • Profile generator
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Time control for monitoring and for import and export of time series data or the generation of reports respectively (including data dispatch)
  • User support by providing helper videos
  • Multilingual support for menus and number formats

Within our forecast solution robotron*epredict, selected analysis and visualization functions of the robotron*eprofiler tool are used as a standard or an optional variation.

Our tool robotron*eprofiler can be installed within 5 minutes and is ready for use at once. The program can run locally on the user’s computer. Data are provided out of the file system, via connection to network drives or via linking to databases or Web-services respectively. Through the system’s flexibility, centrally stored data can be used from different clients employing the robotron*eprofiler tool. Additionally, provided time series can by analyzed on an ad hoc basis during an on-the-spot customer visit.


Currently, robotron*eprofiler is provided with German, English, French, Russian and Turkish languages as well as various country-specific configurations for number formats.


The intuitive handling is supported by a various number of videos for different topics.


The program is able to manage any number of data directories in which time series data can be stored in a structured way. This data is usable as long as the respective directory is available. The data can be tracked within the structure or be created as reference underneath further nodes.

Reference data

The robotron*eprofiler tool contains the management of different reference data such as public holidays, school vacation, shift plans, opening hours, day hours and any tariff times. This reference data can be allocated to time series, higher directories or globally allocated in order to be available in respective menus. That can be simply done by ‘drag and drop’.

Test version of robotron*eprofiler

Please use our free test version of the robotron*eprofiler tool to get a first impression of the great variety of analysis and visualization functions.


Here you find the current test version.

After registration, we will get in touch with you and send the necessary license file to you.

System Requirements

For the use of robotron*eprofiler you need:

  • Java version 1.6 (contained in download files)
  • Internet access for activating
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024 is recommended
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/10

Installation hints

Please unzip the zip file after download.

Store the license file in your root directory and start the EXE file.


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Load Profile Analyzation and Visualization

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