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1:1 instruments for secure market communication

robotron*ecom stands for secure communication in conformity with the market. Our product family integrates modules and products for an encoded 1:1 market communication, processing and monitoring of EDIFACT messages and cross-company EDIFACT communication.

Communication guidelines for the covering of all market processes are varied and complex. For this purpose, we developed suitable tools in the last few years in order to cover all requirements and to run all processes in a largely automated manner. So we achieved a unique market communication based on EDIFACT formats in accordance with current market rules.

Our tools support AS2 standards for the encoded transfer of digital receipts confirming the data transfer within the agreed time limit as well as the encoded exchange of master and transaction data in the market by means of S/MIME. The following components complete our communication package: intuitive procedures for processing EDIFACT formats, a cockpit for central viewing of all relevant messages in the system, and a communication platform for the central control of all company-wide message flows.


Thomas Kasparek

Thomas Kasparek
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