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Communication platform for company-wide message flows

The platform robotron*ComCenter is a new generation of our well-proven communication server. Based on extensive experience in communication in the field of mass data business and resulting from a variety of our customer’s requirements, with robotron*ComCenter a high-performance and wide-ranging tool for central processing of market communication stands to our customer’s disposal.

Due to the extension of robotron*ComCenter to a cross-company communication platform, the main focus of the tool is on the control and logging of message flows to or from different application systems besides the handling of general market communication.

As a result of the introduction of our new communication solution, our customers can be provided with several options of the unification of communication processes within a company. Furthermore, workflows can be shortened and the organizational structure can be streamlined.

The system disposes of freely combinable filtering rules. The conditions can consist of both all meta-data of the email and of EDIFACT files. That enables a complex routing for in- and outgoing EDIFACT messages (allocation of recipients/ senders and dispatch/ receiving systems).

Different processes of the robotron*ComCenter tool enable the reception and dispatch of emails and EDIFACT files for application systems which are involved in message exchange. In addition, these files can be converted and meta-information can be stored in the database of the robotron*ComCenter tool for research purposes. Full integration in a robotron*ecount database or connections to other systems are guaranteed. With the help of these functions, an extensive monitoring of EDIFACT message exchange is possible in connection with our EDIFACT cockpit. These functions enable the linking of further internal systems as well.

The processing of tasks is defined by workflows and controlled by freely scalable server processes. The handling itself is done by a Web browser user-interface including both the update of configurations and the creation of workflow steps. For controlling the server, an own user-interface is available, independent of the robotron*ecount system. Our robotron*ComCenter tool has an integrated user management based on a database for server administration.

Numerous configuration and logging options enable an intuitive configuration and clearly-arranged use of the system, especially in mass data exchange. A variety of views and search functions give the user numerous options for the research of data flows. Various export and display options for viewing and transferring data complete the functional variety of the robotron*ComCenter tool.


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