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Complex processes easily solved

The tool robotron*ebIX-Manager serves for a company’s communication in conformance with the Swiss energy market and helps to handle business processes. The manager supports users in processing ebIX messages and it can be used both as modular solution in the existing system landscape and as central stand-alone variation.

Smaller energy suppliers can employ the tool robotron*ebIX-Manager for data import and export by means of CSV files in addition to the existing Advanced Meter Reading (AMR). Thus, important investment protection is preserved.

The tool is extremely suited for big energy suppliers as well. They can use the tool for employee’s training and test purposes in parallel with the leading EDM system before the fully automated process execution is realized in EDM.

The tool robotron*ebIX-Manager consists of three components which cover different function areas:

ebIX-Viewer (message display)

All supported message types are presented in a readable and understandable way. The ebIX load curve data can be graphically visualized.

ebIX-Generator (message generation)

An input and processing form for all presented message types is provided that is employed in answering/ confirmation of received messages or for the creation of messages respectively.

ebIX-Converter (data conversion)

Mess data aggregates and load/ feeding curves can be read from a predefined CSV format and converted into relevant ebIX message types. A conversion can also be realized in the inverted direction (from ebIX to CSV).

The tool robotron*ebIX-Manager supports the following business processes (always using the currently required message formats):

  • Change of supplier
  • End of supply
  • Basic supply
  • Confiscation/Change of end consumer
  • Return
  • Exchange of meter data for the purpose of
    • Energy billing and forecast
    • Cost rollup
    • Cost allocation
    • Balancing group billing
    • Guarantees of origin
  • Error/Acknowledgement handling

Test version of the tool robotron*ebIX-Manager

In order to try out the variety of the tool without obligation we gladly provide you with a timely limited test version.


Here you find the current test version.

After registration, we will get in touch with you and send the necessary license file to you.

System requirements

For the use of robotron*ebIX-Manager you need:

  • Java-Runtime 32Bit from version 1.6.07 upwards
  • Visual C++ Runtime
  • Microsoft® Windows XP/Vista/7

Installation hints

Please download the installation file and follow the installation hints.

Open the program and transfer to it the storage location of the license sent to you. Then the license will be automatically stored in the program’s configuration folder and activated.


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