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Smart metering for all market participants

robotron*esmart represents an integral solution for optimal processes in meter data management, fulfilling the requirements of Smart Metering and of mass data processing in Smart Grid. Adapted to the specific demands of different market roles, robotron*esmart acts as a central data hub. It enables an efficient data acquisition, management and editing using freely scalable modules.

With the help of the completely integrated solution robotron*esmart, the entire process chain of meter data management (MDM) can be covered. This can be interface-freely achieved without any help of other systems along the process chain from meter to customer portal.

The focus is particularly on the following processes: data acquisition by means of robotron*ecollect, the linking of further AMI systems (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) including their heading by AMI management, integrated in robotron*ecollect, performant time series management, data editing and data dispatch. These processes are based on the EDM kernel of the Robotron Energy Market Suite.

Detailed requirements on the visualization of data using modern end devices can be met by means of our integrated end customer portal and our tool for load curve analyses robotron*eprofiler. Even forecasts based on current meter data can be easily made by the help of robotron*epredict.

Smart Metering becomes really smart just through intelligent IT solutions. The MDM system robotron*esmart is the perfect solution for the acquisition and processing of mass data along with arising extensive requirements.

Subsequently, essential components are listed:

  • Highly automated AMI module for meter value acquisition by means of communication via different channels, especially under the consideration of requirements which arise from protection profiles and technical guidelines
  • AMI module for device parameterization
  • Highly efficient time series management
  • Integration of device management
  • End customer portal for the visualization of consumption data or specification of availabilities by end customers respectively
  • Module for billing configuration
  • Module for the representation of products in metering (tariff switching times, reading and supply intervals, etc.) and of products for downstream tariffing
  • Completely automated and efficient calculation module
  • Communication component for meter data exchange in line with market requirements by means of EDIFACT formats or eblX as well

In addition to the linking of our Advanced Meter Reading tool robotron*ecollect, we provide our customers with our highly automated change process management tool robotron*WPM. It is right for the implementation of change processes required by the market, and for the accomplishment of processes in the Smart Meter environment.

Smart Metering affects all market roles

Smart Metering affects meter point operators, grid operators and suppliers as well. Each market role can use the resulting synergies from the Robotron Energy Market Suite. So we offer different solutions for the optimal use of data provided by our products.

Thus, for example, meter data can be displayed comfortably and automatically by connecting the extended Web portal. Furthermore, meter readings can be launched via the Web portal. As a result, the current energy consumption of a single household can be recorded consumer-controlled. During login, an on-demand data request is possible for process optimization reasons.

Recording of Smart Meter data and its integration into the MDM and EDM system enable a variety of extensive evaluations. That is realized through both internal graphics tools and transmission to our extended tool robotron*eprofiler providing load curve analyses and visualization. Furthermore, a valuable contribution to the company’s energy efficiency can be made by providing such results.


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