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Perfect completion of Robotron’s portfolio for special demands

Robotron‘s Energy Market Suite covers all important performance processes in the energy industry. There are always special requirements in certain sectors which need a particular solution. For this case, we have strong partners on our side that harmoniously complete Robotron’s solutions with their products.

EVM ECS EnergyControllingSystem


Each company should involve its cost of energy in company-wide controlling. With ECS (EnergyControllingSystem) and the tool robotron*eprofiler, EVM together with Robotron provide an intuitive tool for this purpose. Thus, the consumption of electricity, gas, compressed air and other characteristics can be represented in an easy way. Furthermore, with the help of ECS and the robotron*eprofiler tool, consumption values of various energy types can be graphically analyzed, regular reports on the development of energy consumption can be generated, and the energy consumption can be monitored according to self-defined limits. Clearly-arranged and comprehensible overviews ensure the sensitization of employees for the company’s energy consumption. With ECS and the robotron*eprofiler tool, Robotron provides a software solution in corporation with EVM which creates the necessary transparency for the optimization of the use of energy.

Energy Management Consulting Susanne Regen

Susanne Regen

Energy management saves money, protects the environment and is pioneering. The increase of energy efficiency and the reduction of energy consumption have become more important these days than ever before. Can you afford not to deal with it?

Increasing energy cost should make the growing relevance of energy efficiency measures as a strategic success factor for companies. However, the identification of energy saving potentials is often complicated by factors such as short-term payback periods, lack of time, missing expertise and human resources. But who says that you have to deal with it alone? Use the expertise of Susanne Regen Energy Management Consulting to introduce an energy management system into your company!

SIV.AG kVASY® as Completely Integrated ERP System


More and more energy suppliers prefer comprehensive, but still specific solutions for single fields. Robotron as developer of the market-leading EDM system for grid, sales and trade in Germany attaches great importance to coordinated, highly automated interfaces between the EDM system and various billing systems. Besides the most-spread SAP IS-U for bigger energy suppliers, the SIV.AG’s billing system kVASY® were to be mentioned especially in the field of municipal utilities.

Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH and SIV.AG have coordinated commonly maintained interfaces between the tools robotron*ecount/esales and kVASY®. The two companies mutually guarantee the ability in releasing these interfaces. This allows users to execute their processes in a highly automated way according to their market role, beginning from Advanced Meter Reading (MC and Smart Meter), balancing (KoV, MaBiS), quotation, sales controlling, procurement via the change processes GPKE, GeLi, WiM up to the generation and dispatch of bills.

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Thomas Kasparek
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