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AMR system robotron*ecollect

Advanced Meter Reading perfectly integrated

robotron*ecollect covers Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) and advanced meter parameterization. So it is an important link in the process chain of energy supply companies.

robotron*ecollect is an integrated part within the Energy Data Management system (EDM). It is integrated in both robotron*ecount (grid operating) and robotron*esmart (Meter Data Management system (MDM)).Thus, robotron*ecollect enables efficient order-related meter data acquisition and direct interface-free meter data supply.

Our core competence to deal with large data sets is the basis of our customer’s investment protection, particularly for the use in Smart-Grid and Smart-Meter environments. That is effective in the context of AMR as well.

With robotron*ecollect, we provide a manufacturer-independent support for different meter types and communication formats. This contains both the support for high-precision meters in the field of electricity and gas of different recording devices and smart meters in the tariff customer segment.

By means of this solution, devices like meters, communication modules, data concentrators, MUCMulti Utility Communicater, etc. and their respective communication parameters can be easily managed and processed. robotron*ecollect is user-friendly designed. After entering master data, orders can be individually planned. The same applies to reading and parameterization orders in the EDM or MDM systems. The integration of communication servers for Advanced Meter Reading is individually scalable. The incoming data are directly imported into the time series management of robotron*ecount or robotron*esmart respectively. They are available to associated processes without any transfer process and without redundant storing. The high flexibility and process speed which can be achieved by robotron*ecollect facilitate the realization of new requirements especially in mass data business significantly in favor of the user.

Affected processes are optimized. That was achieved by shifting the entire system (AMR) into EDM/ MDM and by accompanying direct data transfer into time series management. In addition, a significant performance enhancement as well as a minimization of storage requirements can be achieved. As a result, data updates can be managed in a closed system. This increases the import speed by the multiple and shortens the total process duration. This is another important aspect in Smart Metering projects and in observance of deadlines in downstream market processes.

In the following passage we give you an overview on the functions of robotron*ecollect:

  • Management and efficient reading of meters (pull mode)
  • Recording of meter and control data (push mode)
  • Decoding of meter along with signature verification according to the previously specified mode
  • Time synchronization of devices
  • Parameterization of devices (e.g. tariff control, IPT parameters, push services)
  • Recording, management and analysis of a device’s parameterization data for the purpose of monitoring devices
  • Support for urgent and cyclic orders
  • Monitoring of order processing and completely automated order rerun in case of failure
  • Reading of billing-relevant register values (billing data) and of load curve data as well as Smart Meter data
  • Provision of interfaces for automated device setup
  • Unlimited scalability by means of parallel KOMServers
  • Comprehensive support of requirements which result from protection profiles and corresponding technical guidelines
  • Database-aided, scalable and failsafe switching center for IP-based M2M data communication (robotron*SwitchingServer)
  • Management of meter, communication modules, registration devices, converters, volume converters, control units and tariff switching devices

Security, protection profiles, roles

robotron*ecollect supports the fulfillment of the requirements which result from BSI protection profiles or resulting technical guidelines. In addition to encoded and signed communication, device management offers an integrated management of certificates and role profiles.

Technical protection

In case of Advanced Meter Reading, there exist a vast number of requirements that serve for technical protection and for failure safety. Besides that possibility of device parameterization, respective security measures or reactions against unauthorized access to gateways or communication facilities can also be defined by robotron*ecollect. Additional inspections and analyses of respective devices including acquisition, processing and evaluation of arising parameterization data are an integral part of our system.

Because of that, robotron*ecollect simultaneously takes on the function of an 'Intrusion Detection System'.


By means of robotron*ecollect, existing requirements caused by the parallelization of several KOMServers can be arbitrarily scaled. Thus for example, the response time needed for the establishment of a connection from modem to meter can be significantly improved despite low data transmission rates. With the help of bundling communication paths, the time needed for the establishment of a connection is minimized. Furthermore, several communication interfaces of a KOMServer enable the processing of different communication paths.

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