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Energy management in industry

Identify potential for energy efficiency and make full use of it

Turnaround in energy policy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy – all these are keywords that become more and more important in the industry. With the decision on ‘Accelerated Turnaround in Energy Policy’ all parties became really aware of the consequences at the latest in June 2011. As a result, for most of the industrial enterprises, efficient energy data management will become a central pillar of their future existence.

All measures for the long-term improvement of energy efficiency can be anchored in a systematic energy data management system (EnMS). The necessary processes for that are defined in ISO 50001:2011.

In the scope of energy management we are pleased to offer you:

What are the benefits for your company?

EnMS sets structural conditions in order to continuously identify potential for energy efficiency and to make full use of it. Stocktaking and analysis of operational own consumption and already existing managements system are the basis for that. The results often imply numerous energy-saving potentials which will form the basis for the decision about respective optimization measures. A permanent process of improvement secures a sustain increase in energy efficiency and helps meet legal requirements. Additionally, financial concessions of the legislator can be claimed using efficient energy data management.

A strong partner

Robotron with its qualified energy consultants provides its customers all modules of an energy management system according to DIN EN 16001/ISO 50001 up to certification. The scope of services is adjusted to individual operational situation. Relating to this, an energy management system can be linked with an environment (ISO 14001) or quality management (ISO 9001) system, for example.

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