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Energy efficiency consulting

360° view of your energy management

Robotron offers its customers comprehensive support in energy efficiency consulting and respective energy controlling. On the basis of energy management there is the possibility of

  • Establishing energy priorities (energy flowchart)
  • Analyzing energy flows (load curve analysis, spectrum analysis, long-term characteristic curve)
  • Allocating energy costs (reports, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets)
  • Locating saving potentials with the help of indicators and benchmarks
  • Making employees aware of efficient use of energy
  • Managing energy, setting saving potentials and proofing successfully implemented energy efficiency measures.

Regular evaluations and comprehensive documentations enhance transparency and a basis for the structured planning of energy efficiency measures. A subsequent energy controlling secures sustainable success.

Energy efficiency consulting is a comprehensive module in the robotron*Energiemanagement system. From basic consulting over planning and implementation up to controlling, Robotron supports its customers on their way to systematic and sustainable energy efficiency.

Our consultants gladly inform you about possibilities and concepts of energy management systems and pay special attention to individual characteristics. Robotron’s energy efficiency consulting provides a solid basis for a downstream implementation of an integrated energy management system.

Energy Management


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