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Lean energy – efficiency improvement for industry

Industry 4.0 with increased process and energy efficiency in the entire value chain

Robotron Process Data Intelligence integrates Six Sigma and Data Mining, so that human practical knowledge and data stocks come together and create an effective network between energy and process data.

All the bearer of knowledge and experience in a company represent a valuable information source for process improvement. On the one hand, a company’s employees are the bearer of information and experience. One the other hand, measured process data collected in a company via Data Mining can be of new use as important bearer of knowledge anyway. Energy data of energy efficiency measures in particular offers a fresh approach to establish sustainable process improvement. Using Process Data Intelligence, Robotron unites these concepts to an integral approach in order to take the chance for process improvement and energy efficiency.

Measurement and management of data stocks

  • Taking measuring system analysis
  • Reading sensors and energy meters
  • Taking on data from third party systems (e.g. MES, QM)
  • Storing data in a central time series pool
  • Generating and calculating virtual metering points (calculation of energy indicators EnPI)

Process improvement according to Six Sigma DIMAIC

  • Modeling and optimizing processes according to Six Sigma

Data analysis and process improvement

  • Target-orientated evaluation of existing data on the basis of individually adapted statistical models
  • Development of forecast models for process monitoring or direct integration in processes
  • Identification of optimization potentials in processes by analyzing forecasts and visualizing process data

Guarantee of sustainability

  • Implementation and further development of an energy management system in accordance with DIN 5001
  • Monitoring and visualizing energy flows
  • Monitoring of defined target figures (sensor data, calculated energy figures, KPI’s)
  • Monitoring and controlling energy and process data in an integrated way

Energy Management


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