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If your data could speak – Robotron’s Process Data Intelligence

Process data as a value-added factor and bearer of experience for your process optimization

Manufacturing enterprises face shorter and shorter product life cycles and high competitive pressure. There is a need for flexible structures and processes as well as an integrated data basis for fast decisions in order to react to variations in requirements.

We really get started where others give up

Data-intensive business and production processes are often difficult in handling because of their complexity, but they possess a vast and hidden wealth of experience. This is exactly the point where our Process Data Intelligence starts by analyzing your data for process optimization according to performance and cause-effect relationships.

Consulting and integration from one source

We determine, analyze and present demand-oriented performance figures and their relationships. That is guaranteed by the combination of the established and standardized method of process improvement Six Sigma DMAIC (ISO 13053) and Robotron’s approach to Process Data Intelligence. As a result, you get structured information on development and implementation of determined improvement potentials at an early stage. Ensuring and sustainable monitoring is also guaranteed by us. During the implementation of optimization measures, the transferring of processes in an individual Process Data Warehouse has already started. After having finished this project, the data warehouse monitors the preservation of the new process maturity level and provides you with information on the performance state of your processes at any time.

This global approach allows our customers not only a method-based improvement of processes but also the development of an integrated and appropriate information logistics for monitoring process landscape in data-intensive business and production processes.

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