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Process Data Intelligence put in a nutshell

Our main topics in this environment

In the field of Process Data Intelligence, a completely new concept is being created with perfect connection between consulting and direct support in implementation. Concentration on selected issues offers the advantage of an extensive and accurate analysis of improvement potentials to our customers.

Working Capital Management (Financial excellence)

We use Six Sigma and Robotron Process Data Intelligence in particular in the fields of liability, portfolio and accounts receivable management in order to identify liquidity reserves in a company. On the basis of a method-based approach, we analyze countless receipt and transaction data from your business processes supporting liquidity. We also present you potentials based on facts.

Process Data Intelligence (Operational excellence)

We support you in process optimization by using Six Sigma and Data Mining. Combining analyses with and without (Business Analytics) hypotheses, we unite the experience of your specialists with the knowledge hidden in your process data. From it, we get the adjusting screws to influence your process performance.


René Partzsch

René Partzsch
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