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Location Intelligence

Understand more through geographical visualization

A lot of data and many performance indicators have a spatial and geographical reference. It is obvious to process them in such a way that they become interpretable directly, i.e. in another quality than it can be done with tables, diagrams and trees. Location Intelligence is the suitable answer to it. Analysis and decision-making are supported in a quite ‘natural’ way by the use of cartographical data and the geographical referencing of data.

For geographical visualization and interactive analyses, we use the suitable Oracle products and further technologies:

  • Oracle Spatial, Oracle Locator
  • Oracle BI Suite EE – MapViewer
  • InstantAtlas

For the integration of the MapViewer into the Oracle BI Standard Edition One (version 10), we have created a special and multiply applicable solution.

InstantAtlas can interactively represent spatial data stocks in the Web. It excels at simple operability and it is largely self-explanatory. We are able to integrate the InstantAtlas client into the Oracle BI Dashboard and to take care of the necessary data management.


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