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Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Pixel-perfect reports – not only for Business Intelligence

The Oracle BI Publisher is Oracle‘s efficient, scalable reporting solution for complex and decentralized environments. It provides a centralized architecture in order to generate information and distribute them subsequently to employees, customers and business partners. An outstanding feature of the BI publisher is the separation of

  • Layout creation (Oracle Template Builder, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, …)
  • Data supply (SQL)
  • Output media (PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel-Format, RTF, Powerpoint, EDI, etc., via email, print, fax, WebDav, etc.)

Our BI specialists use the Oracle BI Publisher both as a stand-alone reporting service and as a part of the Oracle BI Suite. In the BI Suite, the BI Publisher is the preferred tool for publishing separate analyses and complex applications.

We use the excellent integration options of the publisher together with Oracle Application Express (APEX) for the printing-friendly output of reports, for example in PDF format. In this way, we are able to develop individual reporting applications of a Data Warehouse that make use of all options of both APEX for demanding Web applications and the BI Publisher for dynamically generated pixel-precise printouts.

BI Publisher


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