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Oracle Data Integration

Define, replicate and combine data in a sensible way

The integration of data is no end in itself but it provides a surplus value for further use and evaluation of data brought together. The topic Data Integration has according to our experience many facets:

  • Extraction, transformation and loading of data into a data warehouse (ETL)
  • Bringing together, enrichment and historicizing of the data of several data sources
  • Integration by means of a virtualization layer in the Oracle BI Server
  • Standardized master data including all organizational units (Master Data Management, MDM)

For data integration tasks, we use:

  • Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Oracle External Tables
  • Oracle SQL*Loader
  • Individually created database packages that are built into integration tools for the generation of repositories
  • Oracle BI Server Repository

In addition, Robotron is experienced in Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Replication, Oracle Streams, Oracle Data Pump and Dbvisit Replicate as well.


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