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Oracle Essbase

Multidimensional instead of one-dimensional

Oracle offers two options for the management of multi-dimensionally organised data:

  • Oracle OLAP, an option for the completion of the Oracle database
  • Oracle Essbase, the market-leading multi-dimensional database as a basis of a wide range of products for Enterprise Performance Management

According to the requirements of use, Robotron employs the suitable variant. The OLAP option turns out to be the first choice of analysis applications in which it depends on efficient calculation and the aggregation of performance indicators based on multi-dimensional separate facts. Use cases can be the calculation of a price index or of social indicators.

With Oracle Essbase Multidimensional Database (MDB), complex business scenarios, calculations, and sets of rules and regulations can be perfectly implemented in analytical applications. In addition, Essbase is suitable for the modeling of planning processes, the creation of what-if-analyses and the implementation of prognosis and forecast applications.

Both options can make use of their strengths in complex analysis applications configuring them as data source for the entire range of tools of the Oracle BI Suite. With it, our BI specialists prefer the following scenario:

  • Load and preprocessing of dimensions and hierarchies and the real transaction data in an Oracle database as well.
  • The Use of the Essbase MDB for the realization of complex aggregations along a vast number of parallel hierarchies and of one time-variable dimension
  • Definition of the Essbase MDB as data source of the Oracle BI Server
  • Presentation of Essbase data for evaluation tools, e.g. in Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards


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