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Programming with PL/SQL, C++, Java, .NET

Requirements determine the language

Our developers “speak” the right languages in order to program your applications individually. Please see below for a selection of programming languages and their operational areas below.


The Oracle database is the core component of our application solutions. Therefore, all consultants and developers are familiar with SQL, PL/SQL and database programming. PL/SQL is the standard in Oracle data management. It is also used in application programs (Forms, APEX, mod_plsql).


For client software in client/server applications with distributed data keeping and auto-synchronization, C++ has proven satisfactory. We use this technology for company-critical software for the processing of activities within the police force.


We place on Java if a rich user-interface is needed or if server-based organization-wide applications have to be developed. Initially we started with an own XML-based framework (robotron*eXForms). Now we usually prefer the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) or the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).

Further use cases of Java are for instance:

  • Integration of an open-source learning portal with Java and PHP
  • Interface servlets in SOA environments
  • Database application with Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)
  • Components realized with JFreeChart and Jasper Reports


The public sector in particular strongly places on Microsoft products. For the integration in individual database applications with regard to development and execution, .NET has particularly proven satisfactory. We use its components in connection with Microsoft Visual Studio.

In addition, Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Express (APEX) are used for the development of applications.


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