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Subsidiary companies

1993: Robotron Database Solutions s.r.o.

Rohanské nábřeží 678/23
Logo186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín
Czech Republic

Robotron Database Solutions s.r.o. was founded 1993 in the Czech Republic. Based in Prague, the company is specialized in the effective management of large data sets. With their expertise in the database environment, especially in dealing with Oracle technologies and products, the company supports the parent company also in product development and in different projects in the Utility sector, Public Services and Industry.

2004: Robotron Schweiz GmbH

Zürcherstrasse 65
Logo9500 Wil

Since 2004, Robotron is represented by a subsidiary in Switzerland. The Robotron Schweiz GmbH offers solutions for all roles of the Swiss energy market. With dedicated staff for sales, consulting, project management and system engineering the company is generating a steadily rising annual turnover. Many Swiss energy suppliers trust the solutions of Robotron. In addition to the national grid operators and international energy companies, regional suppliers, municipal and cantonal utilities, Robotron also supports customers of service companies and the industry.

2009: Robotron Austria GmbH

Lemböckgasse 61/Stiege 2/6. OG
Logo1230 Vienna

In 2009 Robotron Austria GmbH was established in cooperation with the business partner HAKOM EDV-Dienstleistungs Ges. m. b. H as a result of increased activities in the Austrian energy market, the distribution of products and services in South-East Europe and the great interest of customers. Since then Robotron focused on expanding its customer service on the Austrian energy market and the integration of local characteristics in its product and services.

2010: ООО „Роботрон Рус“

Росси́я, г.Москва 125009
Logo ул. Тверская 16 стр. 1,
Офис 901Б, 7 этаж

In 2010, the demand of the Russian government for Energy Data Management systems, consulting support in the field of energy efficiency and increased market activities led to the foundation of the Russian subsidiary.

2014: SASKIA®

Logo SaskiaAn den Teichen 5
09224 Chemnitz-Mittelbach

Since 2014, SASKIA® Informations-Systeme GmbH is part of the Robotron Group expanding the Robotron portfolio for customers of Public Services. For over 20 years SASKIA® provides future-oriented solutions, products and services in the information and technology sector. The experts of SASKIA® are familiar with the operation and the organization of administrations and implement this knowledge on a daily basis due to the longtime partnership with city and county governments, administration unions and other authorities.


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Thomas Kasparek

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