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Self service BI for process manager and relevant departments

Objectives of today's companies are more freedom, flexibility, and ability to analyze. However, they provide such Business Intelligence Landscapes (BI) significant challenges that have been built according to traditional patterns. Significantly more agile BI architectures are needed. Tailored solutions are needed, which significantly reduce the factor 'time-to-market' for new or modified evaluations.

The robotron*BIArchitect was designed to provide business users an efficient and intelligent tool for the creation of process and subject-specific Business Intelligence reports.

Added values are the following:

  • Independent access to the department on decision-relevant information
  • Discharge of the IT department in maintaining data sovereignty
  • Rapid decision-making skills of the personnel responsible
  • Freedom of reporting and data analysis
  • No explicit BI technology knowledge required
  • Involvement of local databases

Operating principle

Based on different data sources the robotron*BIArchitect generates own Data Warehouse (DWH) or binds an existing Data Warehouse as a data source. In addition, any ODBC data sources, Oracle database and flat files are supported. Thus, it is possible to perform data analyzes and evaluations with and without a dedicated Data Warehouse. Predefined templates for multidimensional analyzes can facilitate the view of complex connections in reports or dashboards in different thematic areas of the evaluation surface.



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