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Licensing of Oracle products

Finding the right licensing with the help of competent consulting

Every customer is committed to the acquisition of Oracle products for the recognition of Oracle License and Service. The application of this complex set of rules to the specific infrastructure of our clients (hardware virtualization) requires expertise and experience. Robotron specializes in consulting and sales of Oracle software for over 20 years. Benefit from our expertise in Oracle-certified consulting competency concerning:

  • Licensing of new Oracle infrastructures
  • License migrations
  • Consolidation of existing systems
  • Hardware renewal
  • Virtualization

We support you finding the right and most economic Oracle license for your system environment.

Full Use (FU)

This normal form of the Oracle license can be used by any number of applications.

Application Specific Full Use (ASFU)

Application producers can apply to the use of ASFU licenses for their products at Oracle. However, this less expensive form of license restricts the use of that product. You can use the following Robotron products for ASFU licenses:

  • robotron*Daphne
  • IT instrument for 'Lernen vor Ort'
  • Products of the Robotron Energy Market Suite

Embedded Software License (ESL)

Application developers can request the use of ESL licenses for their products. The Oracle components must be fully integrated into the software product (embedded) and should not be seen as independent software for the user. ESL licenses are a price component of each product.

Perpetual license

This is a unlimited in time license. Software supports can be purchased.

Termed lincense

This is only a temporary license with automatic termination of user rights after the deadline. Maturities from 1 to 5 years are possible, always connected with a support contract.

A distinction is made whether individual users (Named User Plus) or the hardware used is licensed for an unlimited number of users (processor). When choosing the most economical alternative, the future number of users and the planned expansion of the hardware must be observed.

Named User Plus (NUP)

People and mechanically operated devices are licensed, which have access to the relevant Oracle software. Depending on the product minimum amounts have to be considered that are based also on the hardware used.

Examples of the minimum licensing for frequently used products:

  • Oracle Database Standard Edition/Standard Edition One - 5 Named User Plus per customer
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition - 25 Named User Plus per Oracle processor (see section processor licensing)
  • WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition/Suite - 10 Named User Plus per Oracle processor

Processor (CPU)

With this hardware-based licensing, the number and type of processors contained in the server or server cluster is relevant. In this:

  • products with the title 'Standard Edition One':
    • the server must have a maximum of 2 slots for processors
    • the number of physical processors actually used is licensed
  • Products with the title 'Standard Edition':
    • the server must have a maximum of 4 slots for processors
    • the number of physical processors actually used is licensed
  • For all other products, a hardware-dependent factor processor for determining the relevant Oracle processors is multiplied with the number of processor cores (processor factors can be found in the following document:Overview process core factors)

The number of users is unlimited in case of hardware-based licensing.


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