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Oracle Database

...for large data volume

Oracle provides the appropriate database edition for all fields of application.

With Oracle Database 11g Rel 2 you get the fastest, most challenging and most reliable Oracle database on the market. The functions for automatic tuning and automatic management also guarantee a user-friendly and cost-effective use.

In Data Warehousing Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Exadata provide - with advanced internal database analyzes - a fast and reliable platform for data storage and Business Intelligence. You can scale easily to meet highly complex reporting and analysis requirements.

We also provide further information on expanding options and management packs.

All database versions include free Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), a declarative and provided for rapid Web development tool for the Oracle database.

Oracle Database 11g Rel 2 is designed for all types of workloads, ranging from small servers to configurations of server clusters and enterprise grids.

A migration to a higher edition without corresponding changes in application and growing requirements is possible any time.

Oracle offers the following editions:

  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SEO)
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE)
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE)
  • Oracle Database Personal Edition as single work solution

The Oracle Database Standard Edition One is designed for the needs of small businesses, individual businesses or branch office environments/systems department.

Hard- and software conditions:

  • Server computer with a maximum of 2 sockets, ie slots for processors
  • A minimum licensing of 5 users with Named User license metric


  • can be provided on single-user system
  • easy to install and configurate
  • offers proven performance, reliability and data security
  • low entry price
  • functions for self-management are included
  • administration and data storage of all types
  • Edition fully upward compatible to Standard or Enterprise editions. Investment protection is ensured even with growing demands.

Oracle Database Standard Edition is a full-featured data management system ideal for medium-sized companies.

Hard- and software conditions:

  • server computer with a maxiumum of 4 sockets, ie slots for processors
  • a minimum licensing for 5 users with Named User license metric


  • fast installation with self-management
  • includes Real Application Cluster with automatic memory management to avoid server failures
  • offers proven performance, reliability and security
  • low entry price
  • low maintenance costs
  • reduced failure costs
  • suitable for all types of data and applications
  • Edition fully upward compatible to Standard or Enterprise editions. Investment protection is ensured even with growing demands.

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition offers industry-leading scalability and reliability in clusters and individual systems, and has extensive capabilities for online transaction processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence with maintaining the lowest TCO value (Total Cost of Ownership).

Hard- and software conditions:

  • calculation of numbers of licensed processors from core number multiplied with a process factor (processor type used hardware)
  • minimum of licensing for 25 users/processor with Named User license metric


  • protects from server-/location failures ad operator errors
  • shortens planned failure times
  • offers high data security with Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD)
  • compatible with unique security functions at line level (Label Security), Fine-Grained Auditing, transparent data encryptions and unlimited data retrieval of historized data (Total Recall)
  • high performance of Data Warehousing, Online Analysis Processing (OLAP) and Data Mining
  • unproblematic management of complex data volume during the whole life cycle
  • management functions to increase DBA productivity

The following download is a detailed comparison of the features and options of the different database editions focussing:

  • High Availability
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Security
  • Development Platform
  • Manageability
  • VLDB, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence
  • Integration
  • Networking
  • Content Management
  • Additional Database Features

APEX allows you to develop and deliver professional, fast and secure Web applications. The development and use only requires a Web browser. APEX is suitable for experienced and less experienced SQL and PL/SQL developers. With the help of wizards, SQL Workshop and a declarative framework can be created on extremely fast and efficient Web applications on top of the Oracle database objects.

APEX is database-centered and suitable for simple applications as well as highly complex applications with many external interfaces. APEX resides in the database and integrates very easily with authentication method (such as Oracle Access Manager SSO, LDAP, etc.). Thus, secure and scalable applications are possible.

APEX contains the following components:

  • Application Builder - Database Applications
  • Application Builder - Websheets
  • SQL Workshop
  • RESTful Services
  • Team Development
  • Administration (Workspace Manager)


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