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Planning and implementation of backup and recovery concepts

The right backup and recovery concept is essential for the operation of Oracle databases. Robotron places on native or embedded Oracle tools such as RMAN (Recovery Manager) and Data Pump.

IT systems daily produce vast amounts of data. Most of them are an important component for the existence of a company, public authority or institution. A loss of data can lead up to a complete breakdown of the value added chain. For this reason, a custom-made concept orientated on your requirements for availability should prevent such cases of disaster.

Our services contain:

  • Analysis of the existing backup strategy and development of concepts for an optimized backup procedure
  • Implementation and validation of the developed backup and recovery strategies
  • Development of clone scripts for data input into, for instance, test or QS databases, proof of consistency of the created backups and realization of the functionality of restore and recovery procedures.
  • Consulting and support for the introduction of Third Party Backup Software in the field of snapshots, backup-to-tape (Netapp, EMC, Symantec, HP, etc.).
  • Drafting of disaster and recovery solutions with Oracle Dataguard, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Streams, Dbvisit Standby, and DbvisitReplicate.
  • Initial and regular training of your database administrators
  • Operational restoring and recovering of databases on the date of failure – We professionally support you in recovering your data.

Backup and Recovery


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