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A lot of downtimes and violations of Service Level Agreements are caused by performance problems.

Robotron has longstanding experience in the field of analysis and short-term removal of performance bottlenecks. Quick detection of causes is essential for the guarantee of service levels relating to system-critical applications. By means of optimization of databases and applications investments in hard and software are being protected. Tuning is one of the requirements for consolidation and virtualization and the attendant cost cuttings.

Oracle provides a lot of tools and methods for the analyses and removal of performance bottlenecks such as Statspack, Tuning and Diagnostic Pack, Oracle ADDM and Automatic Workload Repository. The extent of optimization is determined by many factors beginning from database design, via the optimization of SQL statements, up to database instances and operating systems.

The causes of performance bottlenecks include:

  • Ineffective data models with unnecessary tables and inefficient indexes
  • Inefficient SQL statements
  • Database applications are often manufactured in a small development environment. The data set doesn’t correspond to those ones in production. A full table scan has here completely other consequences as in test or development environments.
  • Database statistics of the development environment differ from those ones in productive environments. Consequence: Executions plans for data access differ from each other. The behavior of database response time as a result of changes in application programs is not predictable any more.
  • An unfavorable parameterization of a database instance can completely slow down the system.

As certified specialist for Oracle Performance Tuning we bring your system back to full efficiency. After a detailed analysis we will give you an optimization report with recommendations for the realization of immediate measures which are realized at the customer’s site if possible. In addition, the report contains suggestions for medium-term and long-term measures which can be included in your maintenance schedule.



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