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High availability and disaster recovery

Minimize risks with custom-made high availability solutions for Oracle Infrastructure

Permanently increasing requirements of business processes and with them systems involved have been leading to a further and further interlocking of the sequences of operations. The breakdown of a single service of the value-added chain can have cost-intensive consequences.

What situations can arise?

  • System errors (server crash, memory loss)
  • Human mistakes (deletion of data, mistake when operating, faulty software update)
  • Corruptions (physical or logical)
  • Disaster (flood, damages caused by excavators, lightning strike, long-term power failure)

Robotron’s solution catalog for highly available Oracle Environments

Based on longstanding experiences Robotron’s certified Oracle specialists accompany the building and taking care of highly available systems. The requirements of an Oracle infrastructure are analyzed within a workshop. As a result, the individually developed concept reflects your IT strategy and the available budget.

Robotron places on Oracle’s practice-proofed technologies and standards and completes them by partner solutions and their own developments:

  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
  • Oracle Application Server Cluster, Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster
  • Oracle Dataguard (physical and logical)
  • Oracle Failsafe (based on Microsoft Cluster Services)
  • Oracle GoldenGate and Streams
  • Oracle Virtualization (Oracle VM)
  • Robotron Failovercluster solutions (Oracle Clusterware Technology)
  • Script-based standby solutions for Oracle DB Standard Edition
  • Dbvisit Standby and Replicate

Optimal integration by competent Partners

Robotron has been cooperating with renowned system houses for many years in order to guarantee a seamless integration of highly available Oracle environments. For all that the partner portfolio stretches from redundant server components via distributed storage solutions to complete IT infrastructure projects.

Spheres of competence in various branches of industry

Robotron has proven its know-how in numerous high availability projects in various branches of industry:

  • All processes and roles of Energy Data Management
  • Public health system and hospital systems
  • Savings banks (Sparkassen), banks, and insurance companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Telecommunication
  • Online portals and Web shops
  • Public administration

High availability


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