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Operating system and virtualization by Oracle

Integrated solutions for optimal operation and support

The choice of a suitable operating system and a virtualization environment is decisive for the success of the operating concept. Oracle offers with its own operating system Oracle Linux and the virtualization software Oracle VM fully integrated solutions which guarantee optimal operation and support of Oracle products. Robotron favors the integration of the complete Oracle stack and the connected with it synergetic effects for implementation, operation and maintenance.

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux is suitable for companies and institutions of all sizes and it is compatible with Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on binary level. With it, Oracle provides global support that is leading in its line of business in comparably favorable conditions.

Robo Penguin
  • Fast – Oracle Linux provides high performance; it is 75 % faster than Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Innovative – Oracle Linux supports large- and small-scale systems; follows Mainline-Linux and provides customers with additional Oracle packages
  • Reliable – Oracle Linux offers data integrity, more security and a higher availability of applications
  • Optimized for Oracle – designed for the operation of Oracle software products and the Oracle Engineered systems
  • The systems Linux Management and High Availability is available free of charge for Oracle Linux Support customers
  • The only operating system with failure-free patching. It brings the Linux kernel up to date and in doing so a restart is not necessary
  • 1:1 adoption of Redhat - Installation by switching the support to the Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN)

Oracle VM

Oracle VM is a software system for the virtualization of servers that unrestrictedly supports applications of Oracle and other providers. It is three times faster than other server virtualization products. Oracle provides as the only software manufacturer a combination of server clustering and server virtualization and realizes with it the integration of clustering, virtualization, storing and management in the field of grid-computing. Market-leading partner companies such as AMD, Dell, Emulex, HP, Intel, Liquid Computing, NetApp, Pillar Data Systems and Qlogic recommend Oracle VM.

  • Faster getting ready by means of pre-configured images of Oracle databases and of Oracle Linux
  • All Oracle products are 100 % certified of Oracle VM
  • Professional Enterprise Support for comparably favorable conditions
  • Low costs (TCO) in comparison with competing products particularly through the possibility of a reasonable licensing of further Oracle products ( e.g. Oracle database)
  • Supports Linux and Windows as virtual operating systems
  • Live-migration between serves without downtimes
  • Download and Redistribution are free of charges


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