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Replications of data

Provision of information close to real time

Distributed locations, real-time Data Warehousing and synchronous data management require flexible replication solutions.

Even in the Data Warehouse environment both data quantities and the requirements of a close to real-time provision of information are growing. Influencing productive systems can be minimized by an appropriate combination of a replication and ETL tool. For this purpose, suitable technologies for the respective use case are chosen and implemented by Robotron.

Thus, replication of data is an important topic in every company. For this, Oracle provides extensive solutions. With Advanced Replication (beginning from Oracle 8i) and Oracle Streams (beginning from Oracle 9i) Oracle already had had two database-internal replication solutions at their disposal when the portfolio in the field of heterogeneous real-time replication was extended by the acquisition of the firm Golden Gate Software in 2009. Both Oracle replication components Advanced Replication and Oracle Streams are parts of the Oracle Enterprise Edition. On the contrary, GoldenGate is an independent product that is independently licensed and implemented.

Besides Oracle’s products, Robotron provides further solutions from partners and from their own house such as Dbvist Replicate and robotron*replications. That solution portfolio provides the following use cases:

  • Disaster recovery environments
    • Option for taking over the service of a broken down computing center
    • Load distribution
  • Distribution of data
    • Autonomous work at various locations with synchronous data stocks
  • Support for heterogeneous data pots
    • Integration of data
  • Upgrades with minimal downtime (zero downtime)
    • Hardware, operating systems, database, application
  • Real time data
    • Real time BI
    • Real time reporting
    • Query offloading



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