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Support process

Suitable scope of support for any demand

Our employees for support work in accordance with the proven ITIL Service Level Structure. The efficiency of workflows in the field of ticket processing is our high priority.

Robotron’s Support Process is structured as follows:

First level support

In contrary to our competitors who often fall back on call centers, in case of Robotron’s First Level Support you will be supported by trained staff in the usual way. Our employees register and complete incoming malfunction reports in cooperation with our customers. Thus, we ensure the correct categorization. As a rule, our specialists are the first representatives for you and they take care of the immediate patch of fast correctable malfunctions if possible.

Second level support

If a reported malfunction can not be patched ad-hoc it will be immediately forwarded to a person in charge belonging to Second Level Support. The aim is to recover the defined operational state as fast as possible on the basis of existing and well-known solutions through optimal cooperation between different bearers of know-how.

The gained knowledge from the processing of malfunctions is the basis for a permanent enrichment of our knowledge database.

Third level support

A person in charge in the Third Level Support typically works in our development area. He or she will be included if it appears necessary for patching a malfunction. In such a case direct system updates are mostly carried out.



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